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Re: Retraction and apology to LD and Vox (Re: Vox Tonelab for looping)

I'm curious, what kind of looping capabilities does the Tonelab SE 
have?  Vox is not doing a good job of advertising this feature as I 
have only heard it mentioned here.  Also, I saw you mention in another 
post that the Tonelab will let you disable the cabinet simulations so 
you can use it with an amp w/out double filtering your signal.  I am 
wondering if it is possible for you to disable all the amp-like parts 
and use it as a multi-fx unit.  Can you tweak the parameters in real 
time easily while you playing?  I would like to get the Tonelab to 
record with and then I would like to use it with a real guitar amp and 
use just the FX onstage, but I need to be able to adjust things 
real-time while on stage.  Can this be done with the Tonelab?  If it 
also has looping it may have everything I need.  Thanks!

On Jun 18, 2004, at 1:16 PM, msottilaro wrote:

> Hoo boy, do I feel like a jerk.
> ... but I'd feel like more of a jerk if I didn't apologies.  Last 
> night I got my gear back together in my studio after my gig on Monday, 
> and I noticed a volume drop and kind of odd low level distortion that 
> I couldn't quite place.  Sounded like it does when my Steinberger's 
> battery is dying, but I just put in a fresh expensive battery a week 
> ago... the day I bought the Vox Tonelab.
> O' oh.  Can you see where this is going?  I took out the battery and 
> low and behold, my tongue told me that it was nearly dead.  What?  
> Huh.  They usually last a lot longer that that... unless...
> I went to get it's sister still in the blister pack.  Dead as well.  
> Never used.  Still well within the expiration, but clearly not a good 
> battery.  I ran out and got another pack of batteries (tested in the 
> car to make sure) and low and behold: The volume doubled and I had a 
> crisp clear output as I usually do.  I kicked off the EQ'd I'd been 
> using and of course my patches sounded brittle and way bright... but 
> not bright in that ugly distorted way I'd been complaining about.  A 
> half an hour of tweaking and I had a few banks of great sounding 
> patches... sans post EQ.
> Lesson?  Lick your 9 volts before you install them I guess.  The 
> Tonelab was putting out garbage because my guitar was sending it 
> garbage.  I haven't had a huge amount of time to spend with it since 
> the battery change, but this morning it sounded glorious to my ears.  
> I was quick to think this was an issue with the Tonelab itself because 
> there were a fair amount of posts on the Tonelab list that described 
> the exact same thing, even to the point where the basic EQ pattern was 
> agreed on.  Oh well, lesson learned.  Check this baby out, I think 
> people will be generally impressed with it as an amp/stompbox modeler 
> and as a looper.
> On Jun 18, 2004, at 9:11 AM, Greg House wrote:
>> I think that's part of it. I have a Yamaha DG Stomp and the best I've 
>> ever heard
>> it sound was when I was playing it through a loud PA. To my ear, it's 
>> just ok
>> when it comes to recording, but when it was pumping in a floor 
>> monitor (like
>> having a real amp next to me) it took on a life I'd not heard before.
> You're probably experiencing a combination of your ears ability to 
> hear bass better at louder volumes coupled with natural acoustic 
> feedback.  Hard to do when you're landlord lives below you, but I know 
> what you mean.  I can kind of get there using the Sustainiac that's 
> installed in my Steinberger, but it's not quite the same.
> Mark