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Re: Retraction and apology to LD and Vox (Re: Vox Tonelab for looping)

> I'm curious, what kind of looping capabilities does the Tonelab SE 
> have?  Vox is not doing a good job of advertising this feature as I 
> have only heard it mentioned here.

yes!  mark, if you could please grace us with a bit more detail on this, I 
would appreciate it.  Especially those who have direct experience with the 
PDS-8000, this is a very interesting feature.  Could you maybe outline how 
you might do something on the 8000, and how you would accomplish the same 
thing on the SE?  many thanks.

> I would like to get the Tonelab to 
> record with and then I would like to use it with a real guitar amp and 
> use just the FX onstage, but I need to be able to adjust things 
> real-time while on stage.  Can this be done with the Tonelab?  If it 
> also has looping it may have everything I need.  Thanks!

also interesting.  the POD XT apparently has a bypass, where you can just 
use the internal fx stomps and such.

as for the question of why the hell anybody would run an amp simulator 
into an amp....why not?  If you amp has an FX return, then you can plug 
the simulator in there, bypass the amp's preamp circuit, and turn your one 
trick pony into a boatload of amp possibities.  Folks are using really 
sweet amps like the Fender Hot Rod Deville, utilizing it's power section, 
and turning it into a Marshall, small Fender Tweed, Mesa Recto, etc.

the only reason someone has to go through the front end of the amp is when 
there is no fx return to be had.  The preamp can be somewhat 'nulled' by 
running the eq as flat as possible.

> Lesson?  Lick your 9 volts before you install them I guess.

hmmm...i read some stuff a while back suggesting that doing that isn't 
quite as harmless as we've all assumed.  Putting a charge, no matter how 
small, on a big wet muscle close to your brain really doesn't seem like 
the smartest thing, now does it?  not that I haven't done it many, many 
times!  I've just gotten into the habit of throwing them into my guitar 
tuner and hitting the 'battery check' button.