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Re: Retraction and apology to LD and Vox (Re: Vox Tonelab for looping)

Oh, it's not effected me at all!  Can't you tell I'm perfectly normal? 

I don't think you can get enough current going to do any damage.


On Jun 18, 2004, at 11:27 AM, thetoyroom@comcast.net wrote:
>> Lesson?  Lick your 9 volts before you install them I guess.
> hmmm...i read some stuff a while back suggesting that doing that isn't 
> quite as harmless as we've all assumed.  Putting a charge, no matter 
> how small, on a big wet muscle close to your brain really doesn't seem 
> like the smartest thing, now does it?  not that I haven't done it 
> many, many times!  I've just gotten into the habit of throwing them 
> into my guitar tuner and hitting the 'battery check' button.
> best,
> rich
> www.asopaque.com