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making the switch from Repeater to Ableton Live

At long last, I think I've experienced one crash too many with my live 
Repeater set up. I thought at first it was just my Repeater, but I've 
been using 2 of them for a while, borrowing the second from different 
sources. I've used 4 Repeaters over the course of the last couple 
years, and experienced similar crashes on 3 of them. Also, while I was 
touring last month, we had a few shows with the Legendary Pink Dots 
(still great by the way). Their keyboardist had a Repeater in his rig 
but was forced to stop using it on the road due to technical problems 
(I think he said the a/d converter had conked out?).

I'm nervous about continuing to base my schtick on the Repeater so I'm 
making the switch to Ableton Live. Also, it will be nice not to hear 
that fluttering, ticking clock behind my music all the time!

I've been away for several months and not aware of what subjects have 
come up on the list. So, I'll give the archives a good peruse (thank 
you, thank you again for this incredible resource) But, to speed me 
along, I'd like to ask those of you who are frequently using Live in a 
performance situation:

which audio interface are you using with your computer?

Thanks very much, Zoe