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RE: making the switch from Repeater to Ableton Live

At 04:55 PM 6/21/2004, William Walker wrote:
>In my experience, sending too many midi messages simultaneously is a sure 
>way to tank my RPTR.

Obviously, this thread's gotten me thinking.  Has anybody bothered to try 
correlation between crashes and the amount of MIDI traffic *not bound for 
the Repeater, yet still on its MIDI bus* (i.e. different MIDI channel, but 
still physically connected)?  I know that in theory this shouldn't affect 
the Repeater, but it still takes a bit of overhead for the machine to look 
at a packet and go, "oh, that one's not for me".  If it's experiencing 
crashes due to MIDI flooding, I'm curious if that extra MIDI 'noise' might 
exacerbate the problem.

Personally, I send a good deal of MIDI data all over the place, but I'm 
pretty anal about using MIDI patch bays and only routing what needs to be 
sent to a particular device, although that's always been more about 
preventing latency.  To this point, I've not really had any trouble with 
crashes.  Once I get my rig patched back together, though, I'll try 

Another variable, perhaps, or just more bits-n-bytes smoke?  Anyone care 


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