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Re: making the switch from Repeater to Ableton Live

     I'm in the same camp as Mark here.  I have caused the Repeater to 
crash in the past. 
Intuitively I stay away from the type of behavior that caused those 
crashes.  This is how I
approach all gear.  Find out what it does best and do it.  Stay away from 
the stuff that acts
wonky.  Kill all expectations.  We all have to do this with our computers 

     It's been a few years since my Repeater has caused any sort of 
problem.  Though I bet Zoe
could make it misbehave :)

My Repeater used to crash every once and a while, but I figured it out. 
  It was me.  I can't remember exactly what I was doing, but it happened 
like clockwork if I pressed the wrong button when trying to erase a 
loop... I think.  Now I can't remember.  I bet if you search the 
archives for "Repeater crash" you'll find my post.  I guess I don't do 
it any more because I have not had a single crash in years.


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