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dreamSTATE live @ MusicWorks Concert June 25th

This Friday June 25th dreamSTATE will perform for the
MusicWorks magazine fundraising concert event at the
Edward Day Gallery - 952 Queen St. W., Toronto, Canada,
( 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $15 (advance, call 416-977-3546 or
e-mail sound@musicworks.ca ) Founded in 1978,
Musicworks Magazine is the first publication to pioneer
the concept of packaging print and sound together, first on
cassette and now on CD. Each issue features articles by and
about Canadian and international composers, musicians, artists
and theorists, and includes a CD of their works. dreamSTATE
have open access to the fantastic archive of sound art from
MusicWorks' entire collection and will be mutating, stretching,
looping, twisting & rejuxtaposing it into new soundscapes for this
special event. Torontonians - please come out and help support
this wonderful publication and hear a totally unique dreamSTATE
concert - plus performances by electroacoustic composer Darren
Copeland & audio collage artists Mannlicher Carcano Ensemble
and also enjoy a new installation by internationally renowned
Canadian composer John Oswald titled "instandstillness",
a feature-length cinematic spectacle featuring hundreds of
Torontonians participating in a skin-deep portrayal of a ghostly
crowd. (dreamSTATE will surely plunder some of Oswald's
work to integrate into our set.) Complete information at:

More information on MusicWorks magazine and subscriptions
(which include audio CDs) at: http://www.musicworks.ca

Scott M2