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Re: EDP AND FC7 Problems

>Hi Loop heads,
>It's been a long time since I posted but I've been having weirdness 
>on my gigs with one of my EDP's.

I remember...
just for comunication clarity: When you say "mode" here, its what we 
call "state" because Mode is taken by parameters, while Functions 
takes us to States.

>Here's the problem with my new Blackfaced EDP:
>When I'm in Multiply mode and I end it with Record (so the phrase 
>ends when I want it to)
>I get a blank space for a moment before the new Multiplied cycle 
>starts again and it becomes a part of that new cycle 
>So that each time it comes around there's a short blank space before 
>the start of the cycle.

This is a really weird story
do you end up with only one Cycle?
how long is that blank space?

>I've also been having a couple of problems with the FC7.
>#1) When you press the record button it will trigger the Next Loop.

that happens when the contact of the switch is not good enough any more

>#2) When you hit Overdub it doesn't trigger on the EDP or it won't 
>stay in Overdub mode and you have to just keep the button pressed to 
>keep it in overdub mode.

this happens when you press it long or when OverdubMode is SUS

>Any ideas?
>-Arthur Lee


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org