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Re: Spam poetry as source material

hey all.

I have strangley enough just completed a fine art project entirely using 
spam and web-specific systems to create art.

My first piece involved re-arranging lines that i got from my spam  into 

this then progressed onto just leaving it as is was and adding music.

in the end i brought all the elements togeather and wrote a small piece of 
automated code that would do the following.

1. All my spam got placed into one folder as it arrived.
2. the parser code reads this text copys it to the clip board automatically
3. the text to speech engine automatically begins reading what it sees 
inthte clipboard
4. the viewer can select from a number of my own instrumental background 
tracks to add a little music to uit the mood.

there are also visuals being projected for this work made up of spam pages 
being shown on a random powerpoint style slideshow.

just thought it was fun to share


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