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Re: Sp*m poetry as source material

The best spam I ever got was refuting the Uncertainty Principal. 
Bizarro.  Wasn't trying to sell anything.

On Jun 22, 2004, at 12:42 PM, Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) wrote:

> At 3:22 PM -0400 6/22/04, Tom Ritchford wrote:
>> you are all of course familiar with Spam Radio?
>> http://www.spamradio.com/
>> (very funny... basically, email spam read by a voice synthesizer over 
>> ambient beatz.)
>>     /t
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> Its not working for me, and I don't have time to debug it. However, 
> I'm more interested in the strings of words that they use to fool the 
> filters than the messages themselves. Looping fodder some day.
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