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EDP Undo questions

I don't have an EDP (yet anyway) but I was reading the manual and had
some questions about how Undo behaves.

Say I record an initial loop, then within the first playback I drop in two
discrete overdubs.  Pressing Long-Undo should then "remove the entire
last layer of sound added".

Is the "layer" the entire loop containing both overdubs, or
are the overdubs removed one at a time in reverse order?

Next, say I record an initial loop of 10 seconds.  On playback I start
an Overdub at second 8 and let it continue for 4 seconds, spilling
over into another repetition of the loop.  Now I press Long-Undo.

Does the last layer contain just the second half of the overdub, or
will it remove all 4 seconds?

If it contains only the second half, will it fade the first half of
the overdub to prevent an audible pop?

Jeff Larson