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Re: OT, Nokie Edwards (of the Ventures) sighting in SouthernOregon.

 Hi all,
> This may be annoyingly off topic for some of you. But, I imagine
> Stan(itarium) Card will get a chuckle out of it . . . and so will any
> of the rest of you who are closet "surf" guitar fans.
> A small local chain of hardware stores in my area was celebrating
> its 120th anniversary in business this week with a parking lot
> concert by Ventures guitarist Nokie Edwards (who's got to be
> in his 70s at least) at the location only 2 blocks from my abode.
> Imagine my glee at having the opportunity to walk not run . . .
> lol . . . around the corner and down the street and hear a really
> fine musician play a lot of old an new material (Pipeline, Wipeout,
> Diamond Head, Hawaii Five-0 and other classics of the genre)
> as well as covers including a Clapton tune.
> It also turns out that Nokie has turned into a rather superior
> county instrumentalist over the years (a la the late Chet Atkins)
> believe it or not. I was blown away by his blistering "chicken
> pickin" and almost Les Paul-like finesse.
> I hope I can play so well when I've reached that age. I feel like an
> old fart at 51 already.
> Best regards,
> tEd  kiLLiAn

wow ted how cool is that!!!
i had the pleasure of meeting the man <nokie> here in sf cali when the
<mermen>-the band i work w/, opened for the ventures a coupla years ago @
maritime hall.
the ventures had finished their set and i told jimthomas(mermen mainman)
that i wanted to meet nokie...so he drags me backstage and there are people
everywhere. so i walked the length of the room and  up on a riser sittin on
a big chair w/ hordes surrounding him i went up, shook his hand and told 
how influential a guitarist he was to me and many others...it was once in a
lifetime type thing. i felt very lucky.(i think there was a halo around his
head :-)