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Re: EDP Footswitch acting up...or is it just me?

> trigger record or even clear the loop buffer. A single, short press
> will often just create a tiny loop instead of setting the

This is a well-documented problem with the EDP footswitch. It's happened to
me. You'll probably have to clean the contacts in the button but I 
just getting a MIDI footswitch such as the Behringer FCB1010. The EDP pedal
uses specific resistance values to trigger different functions. If the
button contacts get dirty, the resistance could change and you could end up
triggering the wrong thing or, in your case, a double-press. I don't even
use mine anymore because it was becoming too unreliable (I have had both of
the problems I mentioned). The FCB1010 works great and you can program it 
do tons of things that you can't do with the EDP footswitch.

- Dave