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Re: Line 6 echo pro questions

the line 6 is OK as an insert - you can't really use it on send/return 'cause even with the mox knob to 100% wet, it still passes the input signal + you get a double buss thing going.
I have been using the alt3/4 outputs on a cheap behringer board to feed the line 6.
hit mute + you hear the signal only coming through the line 6 - unmute and your sig is on the stereo buss + not feeding line6.

the tonality on the line6 is a little crispy at times, but the echo models are good on their own - add basic looping (actually not so basic) + the pedal begins to have a little more appeal.

mine has been screwing up the last couple of weeks, so I bought a power supply + it is still acting dodgy ( unexplained mode changes not related to switches hit @ the time...)

On Jun 29, 2004, at 1:35 PM, The Tuned Univerese - Webmaster wrote:

Hi folks, I'm thinking of buying one of these puppies so that I can keep my Repeater in the studio and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using this as a looper.  I'm especially concerned about the lack of any loop on/off pedal input to start/stop loops.  Is the Behringer FCB 1010 the smallest and least expensive unit to do the job or are there any other options?  Also is it better to use this thing in an effects loop, at the front end before the amp or with a mixer (in the aux send/return).  Any ideas.
Any advice/help/info would be gladly welcome.
Jeff Bragg