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Re: Line 6 echo pro questions

At 03:35 PM 6/29/2004, The Tuned Univerese - Webmaster wrote:
>Hi folks, I'm thinking of buying one of these puppies so that I can keep 
>my Repeater in the studio and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience 
>using this as a looper.  I'm especially concerned about the lack of any 
>loop on/off pedal input to start/stop loops.  Is the Behringer FCB 1010 
>the smallest and least expensive unit to do the job or are there any 
>options?  Also is it better to use this thing in an effects loop, at the 
>front end before the amp or with a mixer (in the aux send/return).  Any 

Jeff, I've got an Echo Pro that I use in conjunction with my Repeater 
disclosure: as of a couple days ago, I've now got two Echo Pros with which 
I'm now experimenting with faking stereo looping -- write-up forthcoming).

The first and best advice I can give you is to download the "Pilot's 


That should answer most of your questions.  Also, in short, a lot of 
here use the FCB1010, which is good and inexpensive.  Personally, I found 
it too big to lug around, so I use a combination of a Peavey PC1600x with 
small pedalboard and a couple pedals (it's more pieces, but it breaks down 
into a smaller package than the Behringer).  Just about any good MIDI 
pedalboard should work fine with the Echo Pro, since there are multiple 
ways of triggering its functions through MIDI (CC, Note #, etc.).  Check 
the MIDI portion of the manual and you'll see.

And, as Jeremy said, try using it through the aux send/return if 
possible.  It should perform well elsewhere, but that's probably where 
you'll get the best results.

Sound is good, models are very good, but keep in mind that the  Looper 
algorithm is only mono and it won't sync to MIDI clock (even though the 
echo models will).  If you can work through those limitations, then you'll 
have a lot of fun with it.


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