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Re: EDP - Repeater sync

>> I have to say that I either use the Repeater synced to a drum machine 
>> (90%) or freeform.  I never try to sync to it.  In beta testing I 
>> tried using it's clock out and found it do be crap. Excellent syncing 
>> to anything (even a changing clock) but horrible as master.
>> I've jammed with Jon Wagner a number of times and we've had issues 
>> with the sync due to the way the EDP works... I don't have an EDP so 
>> I can't really comment on it.  Something about sending a really fast 
>> clock rate that confused the Repeater.  Had to set up the EDP in some 
>> way to prevent this, but it can and does work.

On Jul 5, 2004, at 6:45 PM, Matthias Grob wrote:
> thats mainly a Repeater issue, I would say: it does not accept clock 
> faster than 200bpm or so. I dont have one, some owner can tell 
> exactly?

I have noticed that my Repeater performs best at tempi between 40 and 
80 BPM. I usually slave the Repeater to midi clock from my EDP and if I 
should find myself in a situation where the Repeater reads more than 80 
BPM I step my midi foot controller for a program change msg that calls 
up another EDP program with only a difference in the 8th/cycle setting, 
which induces a different tempo being sent out from the EDP.

I also try to never record so many loops on the Repeater that the 
machine has to use the CFC card. Trying to always stay in RAM only. I 
have set up one midi foot pedal for "erase loop" that I use a lot with 
the Repeater.

All the best

Per Boysen