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Re: Daevid Allen/glissando guitar

On Jul 14, 2004, at 10:22 AM, bruce tovsky wrote:

> one downside to sustainer technique is the inability to press the
> string driving element closer to the strings, something i do a lot
> with my ebow - even to the point of getting rattles from the ebow
> touching the strings

Bruce, this is one of my favorite techniques, and for me is an 
essential part of what makes the eBow expressive.  I also move the eBow 
towards and away from the pickups for dynamics, or side to side / up 
and down for an almost tremolo effect.  Chords would be cool, but I 
still think the eBow adds a lot of options for such a cheap and simple 
device that can be used on any instrument.

 From what I have read about the Gizmotron, it sounds like it would have 
been an amazing device.  I think everyone agrees that an eBow doesn't 
really sound like bowed strings, but from what I have read the 
Gizmotron actually comes much closer, which makes sense as the 
mechanism is closer to an actual bow on string.  I like having options 
and different colors to work with so I wish I could have such a device 
in my arsenal.  I hate "vintage" stuff though, so buying a used one is 
out of the question for me.

Has anyone here mentioned Sustainiac sustainers?  They have two models, 
one like the home made "wall speaker" device mentioned earlier in the 
thread and another like the one on Fernandes guitars.

BTW, if no one has said it yet, With or Without You by U2 has Infinite 
guitar on it.