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Re: Daevid Allen/glissando guitar

> Bruce, this is one of my favorite techniques, and for me is an 
> essential part of what makes the eBow expressive.  I also move the 
> eBow towards and away from the pickups for dynamics, or side to side / 
> up and down for an almost tremolo effect.  Chords would be cool, but I 
> still think the eBow adds a lot of options for such a cheap and simple 
> device that can be used on any instrument.

no argument from me. i still use my original silver ebow that i've had 
over 25 years, definitely the most expressive single-string electronic
bowing device made.

> From what I have read about the Gizmotron, it sounds like it would 
> have been an amazing device.  I think everyone agrees that an eBow 
> doesn't really sound like bowed strings, but from what I have read the 
> Gizmotron actually comes much closer, which makes sense as the 
> mechanism is closer to an actual bow on string.  I like having options 
> and different colors to work with so I wish I could have such a device 
> in my arsenal.  I hate "vintage" stuff though, so buying a used one is 
> out of the question for me.

well, sometimes you just need to use a real bow. i've had great results
bowing my acoustic lap guitar, particularly tuned down to a B - love 
low tones.... and for extended bowing techniques nothing beats a real 
for those frictiony sounds... great palette of textures.

> Has anyone here mentioned Sustainiac sustainers?  They have two 
> models, one like the home made "wall speaker" device mentioned earlier 
> in the thread and another like the one on Fernandes guitars.

i believe kramer also made a line of sustainers, functionally similar 
to the
fernandez models.

> BTW, if no one has said it yet, With or Without You by U2 has Infinite 
> guitar on it.

also, check out michael brook, who i believe coined the term "infinite 

bruce tovsky