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Re: Live 4 - AU effects

On 2004-07-18, at 23.04, Dave Sturt wrote:

> Hi,
> This is probably a question for Per.
>  I have just downloaded the Ableton Live 4 beta and I am really into 
> the fact that you can now use Audio Unit effects - but is it possible 
> to use the effects of Logic?
> To explain - I have been developing a set up to use Logic Pro on my 
> laptop as a live mixer and I'm really into using Tape Delay Fuzz Wah, 
> Auto Filter,Tremolo etc. Unfortunately it seems impossible to get MIDI 
> control over effects in Logic - so I am considering using Live instead 
> - and then load the effects into that and then I'll, hopefully, be 
> able to control their parameters and mute/unmute etc. Is this 
> possible?
> If, as I suspect, it is not are there any other third party plug ins 
> that are as good as Logic's?

Hi Dave,

No, I'm afraid that's not possible. Logic's effects are part of the 
application and can only be used within Logic. It's funny that exactly 
those Logic effects you are naming, are also my favorites! But you can 
get rather similar effects in Live. Live's  Autofilter can similar to 
some settings of Logic's Autofilter and also similar to the FuzWha. 
Regarding tremolo you can use any VST in Live. The MDA plug-ins are 
free and quite good. Think there's a tremolo there.

Instead of Logic's Tape Delay you can buy Augustus Loop and run it in 
Live with midi foot pedals for "slowing down and speeding up the tape". 
The new version, recent beta, is syncing to Live's clock and you can 
even loop with it like you do with an Echoplex (although the EDP has 
some additional functions).

All the best

Per Boysen