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RE: Echoplex questions for beginners

Thanks to both of you.  At least now I've got something to start playing
around with.



I know about Tempo Select for setting the loop length/time but about the
auto record triggered by a note I am not sure perhaps in MIDI. The only
autorecord function I ever used is when you have multiple loops and press
the next loop button. You can set your machine to say loop 2 reset that 
and then do a next loop and if that loop were empty it would start 
but, I don't think that is what you want. I usually set recordmode and
overdub to SUS as opposed to TOG and count out my loop length to get what I
want with TOG I can get Glitchy short overdubs mostly cause I screw up with
TOG and don't get the results I want (but that is just me)


This is possible by setting the tempo with TempoSelect--press Undo with
Sync=Out.  Tempo LEDs will flash, you can then change the tempo with the
feedback knob, and fine tune it with Insert and Mute.  A short press on 
then locks the tempo; a long press exits this state.
Dunno if the loop will then exit recording at the end, but it definitely
sets the length-- And of course the trigger function is available to begin
recording when audio is introduced to the EDP.


From: Tom Rex [mailto:tomrex1@cox.net]
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2004 11:37 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: RE: Echoplex questions for beginners

I'm trying to do something with the Echoplex that I can do with  the Fantom
S.   With the  Fantom S, you just set your tempo, and the length of your
loop, and it starts recording when you play your 1st note, and goes into
overdub at the end of the 1st loop .

I assume that this is a  possibility with the latest Echoplex software? Can
someone please point me to where it discusses how to do this in the
documentation.  Thank you very much!