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RE: Musicians friend Price politics

I don't think that there is any doubt that supply and demand is an explanation of the price hike. On the other hand, if you think about it, responding to the 'law' of supply and demand with outrageously high prices isn't necessarily ethical. In this case, prices 'in general' weren't going up - one store raised their prices voluntarily because they thought people would pay it if they needed this piece of equipment. Somewhat analogous, I think, to someone in a disaster zone selling a container of water for $25. Supply and demand, yes, but not ethical.
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> I agree.
> Msottilaro was just yanking the poster's chain when he responded (I laughed
> when I read it). He's right; nobody should be shocked by capitalism in a
> capitalist society! ;)))
> On the other hand you're right too. Folks on the Looper's Delight list are
> slightly more informed than the general pub regarding EDP availability and
> issues surrounding its scarcity. The $200 hike just smells to high heaven.
> But who am I to talk? I just willingly paid a big wad of moo for an EMU
> MP-7 from an online retailer. I knew full well that the higher-than-normal
> tag was because they knew they were sitting on the last several of these (in
> A-stock). So my "shock" regarding the EDP hike is a bit misplaced if not
> self-righteous. But still rubs me the wrong way.
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> On Jul 26, 2004, at 11:37 AM, msottilaro wrote:
> > Wow, supply and demand effecting the price of something? Weird. Is
> > this a BIZARRO universe?
> this is not an issue of the pure capitalist ideal of supply and demand,
> because of the fishy circumstances of the lack of supply.
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