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Re: terry riley's organ, Hammond looping

I've got a cassette lying around somewhere of a somewhat delirious bit 
of looping I did in the mid-80s on a PAiA Organtua into a Digitech RDS 
3600 with percussion coming from a Korg DDM-110 and DDM-220. Very low 
tech compared to using a Hammond.

Terry Riley's In C was also the inspiration for me to "write" a piece 
by writing a series of melodic fragments that I then asked a bass 
playing friend of mine to work through while I was doing droning 
Frippish loops using a Roland GR-500 and the aforementioned RDS 3600 
while the Korgs played a cycle of 2 against cycle of 3 against cycle of 
5 against cycle of 7 thing that was shall we say "interesting" to 
program. The bass player did seem to feel that I made it difficult to 
find the rhythmic center.