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Re: Musicians friend Price politics

BTW, a good friend and ex-bandmate/looper David Klausner works at 
Sweetwater.  The man is a genius smarts wise and music wise and he's  a 
demon with ________(insert instrument here) and a JamMan.  Many a time 
we shared a MIDI clock and the spoils of our playing.... food credit at 
the ABC Cafe in Ithaca (try the guacamole omelet!)

why he's not on this list is beyond me.


On Jul 26, 2004, at 11:30 PM, L. Angulo wrote:

> Absolutely Mark and i jus got an EDP at sweetwater
> music for the normal 799.00 and the guys are very nice
> and answer my mails something MF doesn´t even take the
> time to do!