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Re: real time audio to midi sync analysis

There is a guy who is on this list sometimes named Michael Stauffer who 
has developed a tempo-sensing MIDI clock-sending software.  When he 
demo-ed it for me it was only able to use MIDI input to sense the time 
from, but he said they were working on getting it to be able to use 
audio, too. 

Their website is: http://circular-logic.com/

Good luck.


ben wrote:

>I'm new to the list too and new to looping too. May I introduce myself in 
>few words?
>I'm currently playing bass guitar in a pop/rock band but this will change.
>Still 2 gigs to do and then I will start a new project involving live
>Regarding looping tools, I just own currently a DD-6 (5sec), a boss phrase
>sampler sp303 and a pc running ambiloop (controlled by a midi FCB
>I intend to do post-rock/shoegazing stuff by playing myself hypnotic
>bass/guitar/voice/synth loops.
>I don't know where to start yet, that's why I'm on this list ;-)
>I will surely start to buy a drum machine (programmed on the fly) and then
>... a looping tool.
>The echoplex seems great but pricey, the new RC-20XL seems to adress a lot
>of complaints from the previous model (undo) but still no midi.
>I don't trust the "PC on stage solution", even if for the home use, 
>or live seems powerful.
>I'm interested by all advices. Is there FAQs somewhere? The ones on the 
>seems pretty outdated.
>Peter, regarding the question below, there exist some "beat extractor" 
>http://www.redsound.com/products/msync/index.htm which issue midi OUT and
>have a tap tempo (not a footswith).
>The problem that may arise is that even if the loop start in sync, you 
>need to adapt also the length of the loop to the new tempo. I think
>timestretching can be done quite OK by ABlive, so it might be a solution 
>Hope this helps,
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>From: "Griff Peters" <griff@griffpeters.com>
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>Sent: Friday, August 06, 2004 7:51 AM
>Subject: real time audio to midi sync analysis
>>Hello all Loopers!
>>This is my first post to the group. I checked the archives, but I didn't
>>find quite what I'm looking for.
>>I'm looking for a device which will listen to a real-time audio source
>>(such as a drum microphone or drum trigger) and calculate midi sync info
>>to be sent out as master clock to my DAW applications like Ableton Live
>>4 or Logic pro 6. I'm not doing dance music or DJ stuff. I'll be doing
>>this live with a band onstage. I'd also like a footswitch-controlled tap
>>tempo function to quickly get the beat analysis quickly "in the zone".
>>Hopefully, once the initial beat sync analysis is done, it would be more
>>or less automatically reacting and listening to subtle changes in tempo
>>during a live performance.
>>For example, I'd like to play a guitar riff, loop it (in tempo with the
>>band), then mute the loop when I'm tired of it, but then bring it back
>>in later while still being in sync with the band. I do NOT want to be
>>following a click track or a metronome! I don't want the drummer tied to
>>a click! I want the click/sync following to the band!
>>Any info would be much appreciated.
>>I use a powerbook with mac OS10.3
>>Griff Peters
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>Un mot doux à envoyer? Une sortie ciné à organiser? Faites le en temps
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