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Re: Live, EDP, and plug-ins

On Aug 16, 2004, at 4:23 PM, Tom Rex wrote:
> Per said:
> One idea for EDP as well, as Augustus Loop AU plug-in, is to take 
> advantage of the new midi clips of Live 4 and set up template midi 
> clips as "dynamic fx racks" for the loopers. I once noticed that if 
> you send volume changes (some midi cc sweeping) to the EDP when in 
> overdub mode, this sweeps will become part of the loop on the next 
> round.
> have you checked out this vst plug-in which can be used in Live?
> Tom
> http://www.pspaudioware.com/
> PSP Nitro   Features:
>       •        4 sound processing operators,
>       •        a wide variety of filters and other effects,
>       •        extreme internal routing flexibility,
>       •        two LFOs with advanced sync possibilities,
>       •        envelope detector with adaptive mode and ADSR generator,
>       •        virtual cables for connecting modulation sources to 
> parameters,
>       •        advanced MIDI control
>       •        library of presets

Yes, I have the Nitro. It's very good but needs a bit too much CPU 
resources to take on stage in a Powerbook ;-)  I bought mine with the 
idea to see if it can be used in a live-looping context but I ended up 
using it only on recording projects. I also have an analogue filter 
bank ("the real thing") that uses no CPU power at all except for the 
stereo out/in of the sound card send loop.

I really like Nitro and I think PSP is doing the right thing when 
creating a CPU heavy but very nice sounding filter bank plug-in. 
Computers will only be faster and more software will let you "freeze" 
virtual instrument/fx tracks to audio files like Logic, Tracktion etc.

It was a difficult decision to make, going with Apple or Windows for a 
laptop set-up. However OS X, the AU specifications and the "pro AU 
vibes" among software developers convinced me to go that way. Right 
now, in 2004 (pre G5 powerbooks) this also means that less raw CPU 
power can be used for plug-ins, compared with the best Intel/AMD laptop 
alternative. But personally I'm not sure that I really need all that 
CPU power, at least no as much as I need OS X software like Logic or 
Numerology  :-)