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Re: Start/Stop on EDP

At 09:33 AM 8/16/2004, lol c wrote:
>so I actually feel a little silly having to ask this after about a year 
>and a half of playing with an EDP nearly every day , but does anyone know 
>how to program an FCB1010 to send a message to start and stop the edp in 
>the same way as you would a DL-4 (i.e. once press stops the loop another 
>on the same button starts the loop from the begining and continues to 
>until stopped again).

Mute, whether from the front panel or by midi, is "stop".

Once you have muted the loop you can do a bunch of things. Among them, 
trigger the loop once from the beginning and then stop. You do this by 
pressing Insert while in mute.

You can also do this from MIDI, either with the Insert VirtualButton, or 
with the direct MIDI command for SamplePlay. (SamplePlay is the name for 
trigger from the beginning and then stop.)

The direct MIDI SamplePlay works even if you are not in Mute. So at any 
time you can trigger the loop from the begining to play once and stop.

You can even trigger loops this way using the sampler triggers, with 
SamplerStyle set to One. That way you could play the note for a given loop 
on a keyboard or other midi controller, and it will trigger the loop to 
play once. If you turn on velocity, the loop volume will be according to 
how hard you play the note.


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