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RE: Phil Keaggy DVD

Last time I saw him was many years before I was interested in looping, but 
remember how much music he was making with just his acoustic and a rack 
guessing the Jamman).

I think the Hendrix story is extant (at least I've never come across a
verifiable source), though in Guitar Player he recalled a Nugent incident
back in his Glass Harp days.  Nothing like the Hendrix myth, but an
interesting anecdote anyway.  I don't follow Keaggy anymore but he's a 
looper and acoustic player.

I wonder if he still uses the Jamman or if he's "upgraded" to more recent
looping gear, or even software.  He's so familiar with the Jamman that it's
probably counter-intuitive to switch because he "can".

This is getting OT, but that's the one bust I have about software (or
operating systems that you need to pay for) is that it's almost a
version-lust mentaility... gotta upgrade, gotta upgrade... why?  Because
there's a new version!  Some tools are so well-built that they don't 
upgrades, like T-Rax (first a stand-alone and now a plug-in).  I've owned 
since it was released almost 5 years ago.  Minor tweaks and bug fixes are
all they've done with it (and now plug-in-ized).  I wish other software 
that well-engineered, but alas.  Upgrades are an industry and the
bread-and-butter of so many shops (Cakewalk is a perfect example... A new
whole-number version introduced every year and a half.)

Wow.  Gooch is in a pissy mood!  Sorry!  :)  Got wayyy off topic.

To close the circle, the EDP and the Repeaters are examples of some pretty
solid engineering, and the Jamman!  If Keaggy's still sqeezing music out of
his after all these years, that says a lot about the genius of the people
who developed it.  If the EDP doesn't survive, I sure hope LoopIV continues
to live because (even as a non-LiveIV user) it is just such a cool

(Again, apologies... long day of programming and my brain is in neo-chaos

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Oops, I meant to type:


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> If you guys want to hear an incredible live looper (loopist?), then get
> to
> www.philkeaggy.org
> and order his new live DVD.