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RE: zurrigo is back

Title: Unbenanntes Dokument

I love the jazz-vibe some of these.  You’ve got a nice warm tone.  Doesn’t sounds like an archtop, maybe a Paul or similar.


That first tune “brankhooks” is really cool!  I love the polyrhythms you build up by about midway.


The very beginning of “intrigue III” has a soundtrack vibe to it.  Sounds like a fadout from the previous tune.


I think “virtue’s cloak” is a standout!  Very nice.


How “old” is your EDP?  I’m guessing blonde, but is it old feature-wise?



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hello to the looping and still spinning world from a small town in switzerland - i've been part of the community before, that's why i would like to say hello to everybody who still remembers the (slightly out-of-topic) boiled egg problems

for all the others: do not hesitate to download any of the free mp3 files on my online demo at:


and let me know what you think of it
(solo electric guitar, connected to an old echoplex and a dbx compressor)

so long



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