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Re: Kravitz bites it./to be or not to be off-topic?...

*** actually means art

mjnoble wrote:
what does *** mean?

isn't europe also the home to the eurovision song contest? is that art?

why am I joining in this discussion?

buggered if I know...


zurrigo wrote:

why don't you go *** some where else?

Monica wrote:

     Posing is tedious. What music of real compositional aesthetic sophistocation     and/or compelling primal/erotic/supernatural intensity has this man ever produced?
He's a teeny-bopper corporate rock icon. Now add to that a Prince wanna-be.
I'm not impressed. As an emerging guitar player myself one day I will smoke him -
why? because I'm not about posing, but paying my dues and learning real technique
and I'll never sell my soul for MTV but nourish it and make superior music.
I won't even come on the scene for about another maybe 3 years till I've got it so tight
that it hurts and more likely in the European sphere where art and not corporate excess is still the essence of music. I don't care much for retro 80s flying v's either. The guitars I'm about to produce in conjunction with 2 of the finest European guitar companies will smoke that too. Prepare... one day soon I'm gonna show everybody how it's done!

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