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Re: Solution for Stereo EDPs and Timing Drift: Three Critical Parameter Settings

This is probably my least favorite thing about the EDP since I happen 
to really like using threshold recording. Well, this coupled with the 
fact that unlike the Jamman you can't make an EDP interoperate with a 
stereo signal without a mixer. Hence, the choices seem to be:

* 2 EDPs in the rack but forego threshold recording
* 1 EDP and a line mixer in the rack

I've just switched over to the first configuration. Still to be seen 
whether I stick with it.

I really wish I could find a small box I could stick in the back of my 
rack to take a stereo signal, feed off a mono-mix to the EDP, and then 
mix the mono return with the existing stereo signal.


On Sep 15, 2004, at 11:06 PM, Kim Flint wrote:

> Hi-
> Just to emphasize since others seem to have this issue: for stereo 
> Echoplex units, Threshold recording will cause the loops to go out of 
> sync. You need to set Threshold = 0.
> The threshold parameter sets an audio threshold so that loop recording 
> does not start until you begin playing. With stereo and threshold on, 
> both units will begin in a mode waiting for the audio. The audio will 
> always arrive slightly different between the two units, so it will 
> cross the threshold at slightly different times to start the 
> recording. The loops will therefore usually end up being slightly 
> different lengths, and they drift out of sync. We tried for some time 
> to think of a way to make this work but never found it.
> kim