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Y2K4 International Live Looping Festival      http://nosuch.biz/Y2K4 
(note the capitalized 'Y' and 'K'............its' crucial to get there)
The RESONANT CHURCH is the oldest protestant church in Santa Cruz 
(established 1848).
It used to be called the Four Square Church and I don't have any photos of 

It has been purchased by a good friend Neil DiScala.

He lives in it and has graciously let us use it for Y2K4.   It has nice 
acoustics and their will be approximately
80 chairs in the venue with two stages.

It is close to restaurants and not far from the main drag (the Pacific 
Garden Mall) where captive spouses of live looping artists
can have a lot of fun, shopping, eating, drinking and gawking at the 
colorful S.C. denizens when they take a break from the non-stop 

Yours,  Rick

ps I'll be incredibly busy in the next 96 hours and may not have time to 
post and/or read loopers delight.

Any further inquiries can be made to me directly at

Please pass this info on if you see anyone seeking more last minute 
information about the festival.

See you all here, I hope.

yours,  Rick