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Re: EDP sync problem

Title: Re: EDP sync problem
"ooo" looks like quantize or round mode may not the same for both machines. Have the "8th note" values also changed, 'cause that would give you different loop lengths.

I've had some funny behaviour where parameters mysteriously change and have tracked the cause down to either misfiring switches or unplugging the footpedal too slowly.

What seems to be happening is an imperfect connection presents a series of resistances to the EDP which gets interpreted as a series of button presses. If one of these gets you into "parameters" then you could be changing all manner of stuff without realising it.

There is a way of resetting but can I remember it... no, but it's at the beginning of the Loop IV upgrade manual.... ah it says :

"At the first starting up of the new software, you have to do a Parameter reset. This resets all of the parameters to the  correct default settings for LoopIV.  To do the Parameter Reset:  Hold down Parameters before you turn on the power,  and keep holding it down until you see ³Loop 4² scrolling across the screen. Then you can let it go. The Echoplex  parameters will all have default values when it reaches the reset state. "

This is for Loop IV - could try it for Loop III.... hmmm

Hope this helps


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Subject: EDP sync problem
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Blame it on the weather, maybe... but:

my EDPs are exhibiting some strange behaviour which rather puzzles me as they both used to work flawlessly as a duo until the other night. I´m using a stereo setup of two EDPs with identical OS (Loop III, 5.0). I don´t use them as loop units but as delays. They are synced by means of Brother Sync and MIDI in order to control both units from a master. Both are set to MIDI channel #1 and the slave unit says Ctrl. In while the master says Ctrl. Out. They both power up at the same time with no delay between them.

Now, when I press Record, the master unit starts recording immediately while the slave unit waits for a couple of seconds, showing "ooo" in the display, and then starts recording. Of course, delay times are not the same for both channels, for instance 8.6 seconds on the master unit and 7.8 seconds on the slave which is very annoying. I originally had them both set to wait after the Record button had been hit once and start recording upon hitting the button a second time (and I´d like to have it that way again). Now they only start recording simultaneously when I press Record longer in order to erase the previously recorded loop. I wonder why that is, especially since I didn´t change any of the settings once I had them both set up the way I wanted them to be. I guess that´s some MIDI issue here but I´m not sure. I remember Krispen Hartung having had similiar problems with his stereo setup. How can I get them both running again? Is there a way to reset them completely before setting them up again?


Thanks for info,


PS: Even though they both have the same OS installed, one unit restarts itself when MIDI dump is activated by mistake while the other shows the behaviour described in the manual (two blinking hyphens and the display reading 0). Are there different OS even within the same revision?

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