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Re: The Echoplex Manual Sucks and the Guy That Wrote It Is an Idiot

At 09:07 AM 10/13/2004, Larry Cooperman wrote:
>On Oct 13, 2004, at 7:50 AM, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>>Perhaps I missed it, but what exactly are you having problems with 
>>regarding the EDP?  Between the manual, the online FAQs and knowledge 
>>base here, I think there's a ready answer to most questions.
>My problem is the free association and lack of organization of the 
>thing.  The language is secondary but it is a bit idiosyncratic of an 
>artist which makes Kim more respectable to me but not while I'm reading 
>the manual.

Getting back to this whole controversy over the Echoplex manual and my 
manual writing skills or lack thereof, I never was able to understand 
exactly what problem you have with the manual. You wrote a lot of nifty 
words and interesting literary references in order to say "the manual 
sucks". So far I've found this unhelpful, because there is a complete lack 
of specifics.

Can you give some specific examples of how or where it sucks? Exactly what 
was wrong with it?

And if I were to improve it, what exactly would I do?

I wonder, is your problem with the manual one of expectations? Do you 
a manual for a looper is going to teach you how to play the instrument and 
be a looper? It won't do that. Mostly, it will only explain the details of 
how the features operate.

Or, compare to another context: Did you learn to play guitar in one 
afternoon by reading the manual that came with your guitar? Or did that 
manual only explain how to adjust the bridge and change the strings, and 
you learned to play from teachers and years of practice?


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