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Re: John McLaughlin DVD

>How much would you pay for guitar lessons to teach you the same things?

The going rate, whatever that may be these days.

>  I would expect to pay more today. I guess it is just a question of 
>where your priorities are and what you sacrifice to reach your goals.

Not really. I've played for 23 years or so, and I've put in 10 
hour/day sessions for weeks and months on end (back when I was a kid 
and had the time to do so). I've done my share of woodshedding and 
"sacrificing" (I use the term very loosely)

Here's my point. I have tons of instructional material by top pros 
already--maybe you do, too. The McLaughlin set costs considerably 
more than the rest, for whatever reason.  Is his dvd going to show me 
anything that I can't already find in my other videos/dvds/books? 
Maybe, but maybe not.  I'd just like to know what I'm getting first 
before spending that much cash.