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Re: John McLaughlin DVD

Well Jeff, if you think John Mclaughlin has a unique perspective, maybe
you'll get a look at how that perspective applies itself to the myriad
traditional tools (which you already have buttloads of). It depends on your
valuation of John M. He's not your average player y'know!

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Subject: Re: John McLaughlin DVD

> >How much would you pay for guitar lessons to teach you the same things?
> The going rate, whatever that may be these days.
> >  I would expect to pay more today. I guess it is just a question of
> >where your priorities are and what you sacrifice to reach your goals.
> Not really. I've played for 23 years or so, and I've put in 10
> hour/day sessions for weeks and months on end (back when I was a kid
> and had the time to do so). I've done my share of woodshedding and
> "sacrificing" (I use the term very loosely)
> Here's my point. I have tons of instructional material by top pros
> already--maybe you do, too. The McLaughlin set costs considerably
> more than the rest, for whatever reason.  Is his dvd going to show me
> anything that I can't already find in my other videos/dvds/books?
> Maybe, but maybe not.  I'd just like to know what I'm getting first
> before spending that much cash.
> Jeff