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Re: repeater digital output

jumping in the middle of the discussion

You might be able to send two channels via FXsend (analog)(Not bringing it back in through FX return )and two channels via the digital output since most audiocards (even very inexpensive cards )have two analog stereo in and a digital in ( stereo) that you can run at the same time, you might control it that way. If you only want to control volume and pan, pitch, etc. you could to that via midi (repeater manual page 37) + ( midi update page )
Gunnar Backman
Brak(E)man Prod/Brakophonics

2004-11-01 kl. 11.18 skrev L. Angulo:

another idea is to put the CFC card in the computer,
transfer your 4 basic looping tracks individually to
your multitrack software and improvise on top of it on
a separate track.More of a production approach than
live looping though...

--- joao orecchia <joaolikesloops@hotmail.com> wrote:

have you tried using the digital out and some
combination of either the
analog stereo out or sends to get all four tracks
individually into the
computer? i mean, i know there are sound cards with
4 analog ins that could
do this, but im not sure if there are any good ones
which i can afford at
the moment.

On 10/31/04 6:31 PM, "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se>

On Oct 31, 2004, at 12:21, joao orecchia wrote:
i was wondering if i plug the digital out into
the digital in on an
sound card if i can split the four tracks or do i
just get stereo.
On Oct 31, 2004, at 15:40, Tim Nelson wrote:

I'm not sure, but I suspect that'd just be stereo
unless you used some sort of multichannel
interface in
between the units.

I'm sure, though, since I've tried exactly that -
and it's only two
channels, stereo.

I don't currently own a laptop, so I'm
still in the exploratory stages, but what I'm
would be useful would be some sort of multitrack
sequencer to play back these short, looped wav
with a breakout box that would allow me to send
various tracks to different channels so that they
could be processed individually.

Can anyone point me towards a good online
resource for
this sort of info?

How about this mailing list? AFAIK we're quite a
lot of laptop users
here! You might have look at Ableton Live as a
suitable software since
it is multitrack, has faders and a simple "midi
learn" way of mapping
external midi faders. Most questions about multi
out/input laptop sound
cards and break-out boxes has been discussed at
the Live forum and
with the forum search function you can scan it for
information. http://www.ableton.com/forum/

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)


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