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(was Looping History? )

   So are Fripp and Eno's early recordings of frippertronics not looping?  
How about the work of various composers who actually made loops of tape 
between machines-I've seen one all the way down the hall ,around a 
and back into the studio-when theses were used to make recordings were 
not looping?How about if there was someone in the studio as audience?
  As far as I can tell all looping is sampling,if a sample is played back 
continuous repetition,I would call that a loop.

I would call that an early form of sampling, not
>really looping. Looping is more of an interactive performance technique, 
>the sound is being recorded to the loop and played back at the same
>time, and the performer is interacting with it all. That doesn't seem to 
>what Schaeffer and others like him were doing at all.
>The work Schaeffer and others doing Musique Concrete
>did was mainly compositional.

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