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Re: John McLaughlin DVD

>Well Jeff, if you think John Mclaughlin has a unique perspective, maybe
>you'll get a look at how that perspective applies itself to the myriad
>traditional tools (which you already have buttloads of).

Good point...I guess I'm just undecided at this point. If someone 
else takes the plunge first, please report back. It'd help someone 
like me who's sitting on the fence decide whether or not to buy it.

>It depends on your
>valuation of John M. He's not your average player y'know!

Well, he picks pretty fast. ;) I always enjoy watching someone who is 
technically proficient play the instrument. I pick things up quickly 
that way. On the other hand, I have lots of shredder material sitting 
on the shelf already.

We'll see...I sure hope it's worth the bucks.