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Re: EDP Manual Organization

That's a significant project.
Do you have a few specific things you know you'd like to do but can't 
quite figure out?  Getting a step-by-step to a few things is more likely 
and will probably spark a bunch of "ah hah!" moments for you.


>Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 10:35:16 -0600
>From: Steve Ginn <sginn@mac.com>

>Personally, I have found using the EDP, on a practical level, very 
>difficult, because I don't fully understand a lot of the >definitions 
>used in the manual.  It's not that the manual is bad, its just my 
>inability to get my head around what's being >discussed.  I wish I could 
>understand it in such a way so that if I hear something in my head that I 
>could accomplish with the >EDP, I know how to define it so I can actually 
>create it.  What I would find helpful, if at all possible, is someone 
>creating a step >by step how to, with audio examples, for some of the 
>fundamental workings of the EDP.  This start with just a basic function 
>>and then gradually build on.  I feel a tutorial like this would at least 
>provide me a foundation that I can build on using the >manual and my own