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Re: Air Intake of the Echoplex Manual


There you go folks.  I guess I'm kind of jagged and crusty in my 
exposition of the "problem" with the manual.  I don't know this unit 
yet so how could I possibly be exact in my yakity yak yak yak?

Kim made the analogy to not being able to play the guitar by manual and 
that's right.  But it's fruit and meat.  learning the guitar, manual or 
otherwise, is at the same time learning music, culture and what girls 
like.  Happens to involve technology now and manuals that don't, maybe, 
go about being tutorial like and that are using an organizational 
principal based on jargon, are somewhat hard for me.

You know folks, I ain't gandered at the manual lately.  I played with a 
bass friend dressed as 2nd Amendment Man last night with a rebel flag 
as a cape.  I had a-salt-weapon and a side doll arm strapped in my 
utility belt and I had bare arms so I had the right to bare them.  
Purple tights with classy high top lace up boots with a green T-shirt 
with black letters and the EDP was very fun.  Just improvising and 
grabbing stuff with 2nd Opinion Man and my wife 2nd Guess Woman.

I ain't worried about the manual.  I'll learn the thing in my own time.

Anyway, we'll see what happens on Nov. 3rd.  I guess by Nov. 8th we'll 
have something the right calls The Race Riots and the left will call 
the Disenfranchising Riots.  We're damed if we can't have an honest 
election.  Shit gonna hit various fans and splatter those who ain't 
even hip to any facts about this presidency if we can't have an 

I just want a world that I can talk about silly technological things 
that are in jargon.

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar