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Re: Air Intake of the Echoplex Manual

At 11:27 AM 11/1/2004, Larry Cooperman wrote:
>Kim made the analogy to not being able to play the guitar by manual and 
>that's right.  But it's fruit and meat.  learning the guitar, manual or 
>otherwise, is at the same time learning music, culture and what girls 

Aside from the part about "what girls like", I would say learning looping 
is quite similar, not different. You are also learning about music, 
culture, a process for creating, techniques on an instrument, the 
vocabulary of that instrument. It's much more than a bunch of buttons on 
some box. A looper is an instrument that takes a lot of learning and 
practice to become skilled, and the manual that came with the looper isn't 
going to teach you most of that. It just tells you what the functions and 
buttons do and where to connect the cables.

So far as I can tell though, looping is not a very good way to meet girls.

>Happens to involve technology now and manuals that don't, maybe, go about 
>being tutorial like and that are using an organizational principal based 
>on jargon, are somewhat hard for me.

Is jargon avoidable? I don't see how. At some point you have to give names 
to concepts and ideas and functions. Overtime I think it just becomes 
necessary or the communication is too cumbersome for those who talk about 
it all the time. The names develop naturally. When somebody new comes into 
it, part of learning the subject is learning the terms that go with it. 
That is also true for classical guitar as much as it is for looping or 
anything else. In the beginning with any new subject, it is always 
confusing while you figure out what all the new words mean.


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