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Re: Pedal Options (buttons)

At 07:34 AM 10/22/2004, lol c wrote:
>I am still plugging away at my own homebrewed pedal for the edp, i have 
>most of the things i need in place now, i have found the buttons that I 
>like, however as with many stages of this build I have been presented 
>more options then I knew the answer to.
>it seems to be there are multipul optins of
>single pole, double pole,
>single throw, double throw
>momentary, latching etc

I don't know if anybody ever answered this. The simplest kind - momentary 
single pole, single throw is all you need. When you push the button, it 
shorts the two terminals together, when you let it go they disconnect. If 
there is an option of normally open or normally closed, you want normally 

Other pole/throw combinations can be made to work also, it's usually just 
question wiring the right terminals.


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