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another Bay Area Looper story

so, here's a little cyclical story:
after meeting <zoekeating> @ Y2K-something-i got her cd and really enjoyed
cello and loops-the sound is just so...sonorous...
anyway i picked up joan jeanrenauds cd(she from Kronos Quartet) here in the
bay area...i emailed her to ask how she did her looping on her cd and she
said she was using the <lexicon MPX G2> that really didnt satisfy her
because you could only add loops or layers-so long story yada yada yada...
i turned her onto <loopersdelight>-a coupla days later she bought an
<echoplex> and she became happy and uses it for all her live  shows and 
this story in the sunday paper today-well, it s all good to have such a
prolific artist of her stature actually talking about it, even just a 
bit-right here: