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Re: EDP manual

Tutorials are really expensive and time-consuming to produce, and it's 
rare to find someone who's both adept at using the EDP (or any musical 
instrument) and who's a great instructor.

I've seen lots of requests for EDP help over the years, and they 
usually fall into one of two categories:

1) I'm trying to do a specific thing (sync to a drum machine, operate a 
stereo pair, etc.)--can someone walk me through it?

2) I just got the EDP, the manual overwhelms me, how do I work this 

Questions that fall into the first category can usually be answered in 
a few rounds.  The second category is really too broad.  "The quality 
of the question determines the quality of the answer" becomes really 
apparent in these second category cases.  If someone were to ask me, 
I'd say "Well, what prompted you to buy the box in the first place?"  
The EDP is expensive enough that no-one really buys it on a lark, and 
so there's some basic concept of "What I want the EDP to do" in the 
back of the questioner's mind.  Once you've got that stated, in even 
the most general terms ("I want to make ambient soundscapes", or "I 
want to lay down chord changes and solo over them", and so on), then 
help, suggestions and advice can be shared.

Some people may find out they've bought the wrong piece of gear, or 
that they'll need to modify their approach.  Each looping device 
encourages some compositional approach, and discourages others, but the 
nature of that match may not be apparent beforehand if the user doesn't 
have a good understanding of what they're trying to do, how they're 
going about it, and what the looping device is capable of.


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>> My two cents regarding the EDP manual. It's great for what it does. 
>> But
>> it would be awfully nice to have some sort of a tutorial.
> I've long said that there is a great opportunity out there for 
> experienced
> Loopers to offer teaching services or create tutorials and teach 
> looping.
> People are obviously willing to pay. What are you waiting for?