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RE: John McLaughlin DVD

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Jeff Shirkey wrote:
<snip> Is his dvd going to show me anything that I can't already find in my
other videos/dvds/books? 
Maybe, but maybe not.  I'd just like to know what I'm getting first before
spending that much cash.

---->You would probably be able to sell it on eBay if it wasn't what you
I also want to point out that looping (hey!  We're back on topic!) affords
the guitar player an environment conducive to study exclusive of other
materials.  Let's pretend that the music is "in you"--looping allows you to
investigate that as an observer, and also enables you to create
Aebersol-like backup noise.
BTW, I think $25/hr is a good rate for lessons (I am just pulling that out
of nowhere); at that rate the $175 for this
qualifies as a bargain.  Not that I'm buying it--but John IS the man (along
with some others still living).  Wonder what Andre LaFosse (or Mike
Keneally!) charges for lessons?
Gary (still longing to understand harmonic substitution)