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Peoples perception of Looping (was Looping History )

What term was being used or advertise  Schaeffer music
and other loopers live shows back then?
Is quite interesting how some people are still
perceiving Live looping shows.After my CD release
party i had people come saying "wow i finally realize
what you mean in your website,you are basically
composing live,and improvising like you would in
jazz,yeah?" then others still think the stuff is
somehow prerecorded or  sequenced and i am just
playing along like karaoke;-)but what keeps me
wondering is peoples perception about this form of
improvisation as "composing live".I think unlike jazz
this form of improv becomes composing to audiences
when you lay a groove,then a riff,then a bass line
etc.perhaps i should tell them i am live loop
Just a thought...

> I would call that an early form of sampling, not
> really looping. Looping is 
> more of an interactive performance technique, where
> the sound is being 
> recorded to the loop and played back at the same
> time, and the performer is 
> interacting with it all. That doesn't seem to be
> what Schaeffer and others 
> like him were doing at all.
> The work Schaeffer and others doing Musique Concrete
> did was mainly 
> compositional. It seems like a direct ancestor to
> many forms of music today 
> that are composed by combining together many
> different samples, like 
> various forms of electronic dance music and hip hop.
> That is certainly an 
> interesting historical lineage to follow. But it
> isn't exactly the same 
> thing as what people call Looping.
> Looping is clearly very related to these ideas, and
> there is crossover 
> between the concepts all the time. But for the most
> part Looping is a 
> distinctly different concept that has gone along in
> parallel with sampling 
> composition techniques for decades. If you want to
> do an honest historical 
> study, you need to understand the difference and
> follow the different lines 
> through time. There is a reason why Loopers and
> Samplers and Audio 
> Sequencers have totally different features in them
> and one does not replace 
> the others.
> >So he would have had access to cutting edge
> technology so to speak.  His 
> >engineer/assistant ,Pierre Henry was a student of
> Messian. Apparently 
> >Shaeffer's work lead directly to the
> Mellotron,arguably the first 
> >commercial looping device
> <http://csunix1.lvc.edu/~snyder/em/mc.html#phono>
> It is clearly not a looping device, as it lacks the
> basic features that 
> make something a looper. No way to record the tape
> as it plays back! The 
> Mellotron is an early form of a sample playback
> synth.
> >In some circles Les Paul has long been given credit
> for inventing 
> >multitracking,I don't know how accurate this is
> ,but he does seem to have 
> >introduced it into popular music.
> Also, as we discussed in the past, Les Paul never
> really did looping 
> either. His "Les Paulverizer" was really a bit of a
> showman's gimmick. He 
> triggered pre-recorded samples of himself (on tape),
> but did it in such a 
> way as to fool the audience into thinking what they
> heard play back was 
> what he had just played. Similar to the overdubs he
> then made, it was all 
> pre-recorded, but performed to look like it was done
> in real time. So he 
> was pretending to be looping, but not really doing
> it. Perhaps he would 
> have done it for real if he had the technology to do
> it, and you could 
> argue that from the audience's perspective it was
> real.
> Certainly many people were experimenting with tape
> recorders in the 40's 
> and 50's. (and earlier in Germany). Clearly many of
> them independently came 
> across the idea of setting the tape in a loop and
> allowing the record and 
> play back to be engaged at the same time while they
> played into it, thus 
> "looping". It may not be possible to decide who
> "invented" it. As with many 
> concepts, the times and technology developments set
> the right conditions, 
> and suddenly many people found it at once.
> kim
> Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
> kflint@loopers-delight.com    |
> http://www.loopers-delight.com 


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