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EDP Manual Organization was: The echoplex manual s......Re: TheEchoplex Manual Sucks and the Guy That Wrote It Is an Idiot

Hello from a beginner EDP to the other beginners,

To learn faster the EDP I went around the two manuals (Echoplex and Loop 
IV....I'm not sure an unified one exist yet).  Tired of the process of 
updating myself from one manual to the other I copied them section by 
section to a file on a word processor.  I have ordered the entries by 
button (Record, Overdub etc...and not in alphabetical order)  and 
inserted the LoopIV upgrades paragraphs related at the end of every 
single button of the echoplex part.  I did this first part only 
considering Moreloop=1 and then I'll have to go through the second part 
that begins when moreloops is different than 1 (and I'm aware that this 
will be something...).  I'm still editing: reading in this sequence 
seems evident that few parts of echoplex manual seems no more actually 
valid and may be erased from my text. Sometimes a specification 
(Quantize=on or Quantize=off and may be more) need to be added as a 
reminder because at some points in the Echoplex manual this is specified 
only in the Figures and not in the text.  I can go through my own manual 
methodically starting with the different parameters of every button and 
the different alternate ending, trying practically all the steps and 
alternate steps....etc...it seems to flow and I can keep it...looping 
until I get it, besides playing for fun trying to make work in real time 
the already assimilated hints...

This I did only with the hope to digest earlier and more orderly and 
completely the functionality of this amazing loop processor and it seem 
to become more clear fast.  The original manuals seems very good 
considering the amount of material they have to deal with.

When is ready I can share it with whoever need it and think he cannot do 
it by himself.

Feedback 100%, please,

Best Regards, Luca

BTW: Changing the length of the loop using Record as alternate ending of 
Multiply with quantize off works as described but, as I was trying to do 
it with quantize on in the beginning I noticed that sometimes ending 
multiply with a longer press of record (Quantize=on) also redefine the 
loop length seemingly at the release of the record.  Is it possible?