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Re: EDP Manual Organization was: The echoplex manual s......Re: The Echoplex Manual Sucks and the Guy That Wrote It Is an Idiot

Calling the writer of the manual an idiot is a little rude IMO. As a matter
of fact I must state that the EDP manaul isnīt an example of clarity and
immediate understandability (if thatīs a word) becuase the ongoing
differentiation between terms like loop, beat etc. puzzles me but this may
be due to my own personal approach to things which is a more intuitive one
(I donīt bother to think too much while I want to be creative, and
structures do have the drawback of being mostly totally different from how
Iīd organize them). Also, I miss simple troubleshooting hints (that would
for instance help me resolving the syncing problems I currently have) as
this would make a lot of things easier.


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Subject: EDP Manual Organization was: The echoplex manual s......Re: The
Echoplex Manual Sucks and the Guy That Wrote It Is an Idiot

> Hello from a beginner EDP to the other beginners,
> To learn faster the EDP I went around the two manuals (Echoplex and Loop
> IV....I'm not sure an unified one exist yet).  Tired of the process of
> updating myself from one manual to the other I copied them section by
> section to a file on a word processor.  I have ordered the entries by
> button (Record, Overdub etc...and not in alphabetical order)  and
> inserted the LoopIV upgrades paragraphs related at the end of every
> single button of the echoplex part.  I did this first part only
> considering Moreloop=1 and then I'll have to go through the second part
> that begins when moreloops is different than 1 (and I'm aware that this
> will be something...).  I'm still editing: reading in this sequence
> seems evident that few parts of echoplex manual seems no more actually
> valid and may be erased from my text. Sometimes a specification
> (Quantize=on or Quantize=off and may be more) need to be added as a
> reminder because at some points in the Echoplex manual this is specified
> only in the Figures and not in the text.  I can go through my own manual
> methodically starting with the different parameters of every button and
> the different alternate ending, trying practically all the steps and
> alternate steps....etc...it seems to flow and I can keep it...looping
> until I get it, besides playing for fun trying to make work in real time
> the already assimilated hints...
> This I did only with the hope to digest earlier and more orderly and
> completely the functionality of this amazing loop processor and it seem
> to become more clear fast.  The original manuals seems very good
> considering the amount of material they have to deal with.
> When is ready I can share it with whoever need it and think he cannot do
> it by himself.
> Feedback 100%, please,
> Best Regards, Luca
> BTW: Changing the length of the loop using Record as alternate ending of
> Multiply with quantize off works as described but, as I was trying to do
> it with quantize on in the beginning I noticed that sometimes ending
> multiply with a longer press of record (Quantize=on) also redefine the
> loop length seemingly at the release of the record.  Is it possible?