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Re: EDP Manual Organization was: The echoplex manual s......Re: The Echoplex Manual Sucks and the Guy That Wrote It Is an Idiot

On Nov 1, 2004, at 4:05 AM, wavecomputer360 wrote:

> Calling the writer of the manual an idiot is a little rude IMO. As a 
> matter
> of fact I must state that the EDP manaul isnīt an example of clarity 
> and
> immediate understandability (if thatīs a word) becuase the ongoing
> differentiation between terms like loop, beat etc. puzzles me but this 
> may
> be due to my own personal approach to things which is a more intuitive 
> one
> (I donīt bother to think too much while I want to be creative, and
> structures do have the drawback of being mostly totally different from 
> how
> Iīd organize them). Also, I miss simple troubleshooting hints (that 
> would
> for instance help me resolving the syncing problems I currently have) 
> as
> this would make a lot of things easier.
> Stephen

Just as I thought.  I think the writer of the manual, in classic and 
self depreciating style used the term "idiot," I didn't.
I have nothing but respect for both manual writers.  Period.
I was asked some questions by Kim and frankly I haven't even used the 
unit, since the Loop Fest, until last night to make horrifying 
Halloween noises for my 10 year old son and his friends for scare 
I have to learn the thing to truly make suggestions on how to improve 
the manual.
Looping is something I did, in ambient manner, years ago when the 
Jamman came out.  Becoming a looper is like becoming a TV watcher, you 
just get the hand control and do it.  If there are some esoteric 
functions of the hand control and you want to use them quickly then 
hopefully the manual is clear.  In the case of the EDP manual it isn't 

I ordered the unit and it came a matter of 5 days before the Loop fest. 
  I read and read and got some simple functions down only to bomb it 
anyway.  Not the manual's fault but my overall brazen idiocy to think 
that I could go from my classical guitar to a bunch of gear and a 
performance.  Silly me.

So in Kim's admirable and self depreciating style I say me have no 

If I wasn't busy with other music I'd be all over the EDP because it is 
the end-all of looping devices and I want to explore the uses of such 

Right now all the looping I'm doing is looking a few emails about it 
and going over the fact that I call no one an idiot except myself.  Now 
stop the idiot stuff.  Ain't no idiots here and I saw no idiots at the 
Loop Fest at The Church of the Mean Guy.
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar