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Re: EDP Manual Organization

At 01:03 AM 11/1/2004, Luca Bonvini wrote:
>Hello from a beginner EDP to the other beginners,
>To learn faster the EDP I went around the two manuals (Echoplex and Loop 
>IV....I'm not sure an unified one exist yet).  Tired of the process of 
>updating myself from one manual to the other I copied them section by 
>section to a file on a word processor.

Hi Luca!

You may be interested to know that the unified version that was written 
the EDP Plus is available online:


It might save you some trouble there in trying to create your own unified 

For this new manual, I took the original manual that was written by Warren 
Sirota (with a lot of technical consulting from me at the time), fixed all 
the errors in it, clarified some of the confusing parts, and added some 
more examples. Then I added in all the material from the LoopIV upgrade 
manual that I wrote, and integrated it together where necessary. Then I 
added a ton of new stuff that was never there in either manual, so all the 
functions and features now have a section and all the variations are 
covered. And then finally I reorganized the whole thing to make it easier 
to use, dividing the reference section up in categories (functions, 
parameters, midi, sync, etc) instead of having the whole thing 
alphabetical. I put cross-reference info where ever I could to make it 
easier to find related functions and parameters.

It is a lot better than it ever was before, although it has grown to 310 


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